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     Darren Highfill

Chief Information Security Officer, Norfolk Southern Corporation

Darren Highfill serves as the Chief Information Security Officer, protecting critical information assets, business systems, and computer hardware for Norfolk Southern Corporation. He is responsible for maintaining, developing, and leading the team of cybersecurity professionals comprising Norfolk Southern’s Information Security program.

The Information Security team is responsible for the monitoring of compliance to cybersecurity policies and standards and works cooperatively with other groups within the business units responsible for information security. The Information Security program includes teams responsible for identity and access management, cybersecurity architecture, cybersecurity operations, a cybersecurity operations center, disaster recovery planning, business recovery planning, general office emergency incident response planning, cybersecurity awareness training, employee and customer privacy protection, and industrial controls cybersecurity protection.

Darren’s background is focused on cybersecurity for critical infrastructure and operations technology – in particular, within electric power transmission and distribution, with experience in the development and application of national and international cybersecurity standards as well as cybersecurity governance, architecture, policy, and risk management. He has been focused on cybersecurity solutions for critical infrastructure since 2004.

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