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     Kate Kuehn

Chief Trust Officer, AON Cyber Solutions

Kate Kuehn has been an active thought leader in Security & Advanced Network Technologies for over 20 years. As the Chief Trust Officer (CTrO) for cyber security at Aon, she aligns global cyber initiatives with internal practice and policy to drive trust, transformation, and risk mitigation internally, with clients, and within the entire cyber community.

Early in her career, she had been given the opportunity to work with and lead some of the most innovative technologies that have shaped our industries. She led some of the industry’s first projects in DDOS, Ethernet as a network (CPA), SaaS and IaaS, and was on the front line with some of the earliest attacks against the financial services markets.

Kate has purposely executed multiple roles across her career from CISO, CEO, Board of Director, Advisor, strategic business development / alliances, leading sales and engineering teams, and now as a CTrO (Chief Trust Officer. In her role at Aon, before her role at Aon, she has worked for companies including vArmour, Senseon, BT Group plc, and Verizon. The culmination of her experience ensures Kate always brings expertise and a fresh perspective on emerging trends within cybersecurity.

Kate has two main passions in life: bleeding-edge technology that helps secure our world and developing world-class people and companies. Kate is a trusted advisor in the industry and holds positions on several boards including Redshield and Cybermainacs She is currently an Advisory Board Member for vArmour, Senseon, rThreat, and Net Thunder. She was also recently appointed to the IEEE steering committee for Cyber Security, and collaborates regularly with ISSA, SINET & WSTA.

In addition to professional endeavors, Kate loves to give back to her community. She is active in a number of STEM initiatives including CORNCON, the Docent Group and the University of California, Berkeley. Kate also spends time as a volleyball coach at her children’s school.

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